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Following in the footsteps of San Francisco restaurant success stories Town Hall and Salt House comes the latest brainchild of Doug Washington and the Rosenthal Brothers: SOMA fish house Anchor & Hope (83 Minna at Second St.), which has gotten off to a perfect start since opening its doors a few weeks ago. The folks behind the scenes plan to keep it that way, as we found recently when we caught up with Washington and Mitchell Rosenthal.

“After Town Hall, the Eastern seaboard fish house concept took on a life of its own.” Washington says. “We just set out right from the start to do it the way we always wanted to. We like that it's so well defined. For instance, our lobster roll is a true lobster roll; it's not some take on it. Nothing about Anchor & Hope is fusion. To be honest, it took some restraint. It's easy to let yourself get carried away, whether it's in the sign or the space or the menu.”

Mitchell Rosenthal echoes this back-to-basics take: “When you keep the food really simple, there are basic things that make it great,” he says. “That's what we've been focused on. Things like the fish batter for the fish and chips, which is so important; same with the temperature of the Fryolator. We're checking every day for that flaky, fluffy, crispy texture. We're tasting everything every day. When you cook dishes that are iconic, people have really strong opinions about them.”

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