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Around Town:

Under the tutelage of gifted and adventurous chef Daniel Patterson, Coi (373 Broadway at Montgomery) garnered national attention recently with The New York Times’ food czar Frank Bruni’s dazzling review of its highly refined California-French preparations. Elegantly bound in an eleven-course tasting menu that changes daily, Coi’s fare is locally sourced and from all accounts well worth the $115 price tag. “We try to take the most incredible product, based on what Daniel finds at the farms and markets, and deliver it in a way that’s unique and surprising, but still tastes exactly like what came from the farm,” Coi’s sommelier and partner Paul Einbund says. As for his favorite dish? “Daniel does poultry very well. Recently we’ve had guinea hen and squab on the menu — the texture and aromatics he creates with those dishes are really amazing.” For more info, call 393-9000.

If an eleven-course tasting is a little rich for your blood, the SF Weekly’s Robert Lauriston has the cure for what ails you (and your wallet) this week with three Korean specialty finds. Try the soft tofu soup at My Tofu House (4627 Geary at Tenth Ave.). For more info, call 750-1818. Grab a bottle of soju to wash down some of the best fried chicken wings in the Bay Area at Toyose (3814 Noriega at 45th Ave.). For more info, call 731-0232. Or settle down with a bowl of the ultimate Korean comfort food, za zang myun, at Zazang (2340 Geary at Baker). For more info, call 447-0655.

Weekly Planner:

Ottimista Enoteca-Cafe (1838 Union at Octavia) is doing a noble job of transforming Tuesdays from a boring early-week downer to a day when it's okay to drink. Everything in moderation, folks. Every Tuesday in March from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., get two-for-one wines by the glass. For more info, call 674-8400.

On the third Sunday of each month at Bacar (448 Brannan at Fourth St.) in SoMa, wine director Mickey Clevenger unlocks his cabinet of curiosities for the dining public with a Sommelier Supper. Attendees get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of choosing and pairing new wines for the Bacar wine list — which, lucky for you, also involves a fair bit of tasting in the attractive downstairs wine bar. About two dozen wines will be on offer for sampling. And after all the hard work, a family-style dinner is served upstairs for further hobnobbing among friends. Sun., March 16, 7:00 p.m., $75 per person. For more info, call 904-4100.

Date Night:

n the past few weeks you may have felt the unfamiliar sensation of sunshine on your back and the smells of blooming vegetation in the air. Do not be alarmed, San Francisco: It’s spring. And what better way to mark the end of winter than with a lovely dinner celebrating all that verdant culinary bounty? All this month Millennium (580 Geary at Jones, in the Savoy Hotel) is doing just that with its Spring Equinox Menu, a four-course vegetarian offering that incorporates plenty of springtime flavors. Cost: $50 per person with optional wine pairing for an additional $23. Available Thursday through Saturday. For more info, call 345-3900.


While late nights in the Tenderloin can get a little dicey, the late-night special at soul food specialist Farmerbrown (25 Mason at Market) should give you all the confidence you need to brave the elements: After 10:00 p.m., drop a mere $15 for a plate of Southern fried chicken, mac and cheese, and greens with a pint of beer. For more info, call 409-3276.

Coming Soon:

It's time again to make the rounds of new joints, starting with a SoMa double-header at the new Intercontinental Hotel: Italian brasserie Luce (888 Howard at Fifth St.) spotlights a menu full of Italian and Californian seafood flavors, while adjacent Bar888 tag-teams with another Italian specialty: the elixir known as grappa. For more info, call 616-6566.

Dishing up the eclectic cuisine of Macau, which falls at the odd historical intersection of Cantonese and Portuguese fare, Macau Friends Restaurant (2240 Irving at 23rd Ave.) in the Outer Sunset has the dual role of offering food for your belly and — for more curious diners —a crash-course in modern Asian history. For more info, call 665-7888.

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