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After selling her chocolate truffles wholesale for two years and looking for the perfect spot to open a shop for more than a year, Stephanie Marcon, owner of Coco-Luxe Boutique & Hot Chocolate Bar (1673 Haight at Cole), jumped at the chance for a storefront on Haight: “We're pretty much the only chocolate shop in the area, and the weather dictates that people would like a hot cocoa, so business has been great,” she says. “It seemed like a natural spot for us. It fits the personality of the store.” The big sellers since Coco-Luxe opened in late July have been the hot cocoa ($4) and the hot pudding ($4), which Marcon describes as “definitely thicker than the standard hot beverage, but meant for drinking — think bittersweet chocolate, no dairy, with the texture of runny chocolate pudding.” For something with a little jolt, check out the Luxe Mocha (hot cocoa with a shot of Blue Bottle espresso) or the Devil's Vice (hot pudding with espresso). For info, call 367-4012 or visit www.coco-luxe.com.

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