SFoodie Bloggers: Behind the Music

Before I started writing for SFoodie, I imagined the bloggers as a tight-knit team of scallywags, palling around town and sharing robust food adventures. Thus I was scandalized when former SFoodie editor John Birdsall told me many of the bloggers hadn't met each other, and some had never met him.

Such is the nature of journalism in the digital age, where we fire off posts from home studies/baby nurseries, laptops in coffee shops, or (for shame!) our full-time day jobs. Food blogging requires no centralized office, and we can “work together” without exchanging a single wisecrack.

I proposed a series of contributor profiles, where the veil of anonymity would be lifted for SFoodie's readers, and I would get to chow down with a bunch of homegrown local characters. Selfish motive: I just moved here from New York, and I was looking to hook up with some new writer chums.

Every week for nearly three months, I went out with a different SFoodie contributor. Each had a curious palate, a hearty appetite, and a unique approach towards food and the creative process. I'm a bit wistful the project is over now, so I thought I'd share a few behind-the-scenes highlights:

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