SFoodie: Broiled Salmon Glazed with Dijon and Rice Vinegar, circa 1988

Every day Chef John from Food Wishes brings us a badass recipe. Now go get your broil on. -d2

Do two ingredients count as a “recipe?”

By Chef John from Food Wishes Video Recipes

I was just starting my first day at the Carnelian Room; a huge, busy kitchen at the top of the Bank of America Building in San Francisco. I was very young, and very nervous, and wanted my debut to go as smoothly as possible. Luckily I was assigned to the Fish Station, which was run by a very nice fellow named Phil. He told me that all he needed me to do was make the salmon for a banquet that night. He said it was a French/Asian style salmon dish made with Dijon and rice vinegar. I was told to “grill off” (mark on the grill, but not cook all the way) the salmon fillets and get them set…

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