Check Out Blue Bottle’s First “Cold Bar”

It's all zero-proof, and it's on South Park St. in SoMa.

There’s a new kid kicking up the coffee scene in South Park. On the heels of closing its kiosk in the atrium of Heath Ceramics, Blue Bottle Coffee has set up shop at 2 South Park, in the former home of Jeremy’s department store.

The 1,200-square foot space gives Blue Bottle patrons room to spread out, and offers playful cubes, light-weight stools, and window-side benches, as well as a large community workspace in a semi-secluded front room.

Mac-users will feel right at home surrounded by design components from Apple Store gurus BCJ. Blonde wood, red brick, and exposed ceiling beams provide a warmer, cozier feel than you get in other Blue Bottle locations, yet the sleek metal counters and symmetric lattice shelves retain the modern minimalist aesthetic you’d come to expect from a champion of simplicity.

Expect a line out the door and down the street, at least during peak hours of coffee consumption—early in the morning and midafternoon. Beverage offerings include pour-overs, drip, cold brew, and espresso standards made with Blue Bottle’s first MAVAM, a nifty under-the-counter espresso machine that allows for increased barista eye contact and decreased noise.

South Park is also the first Blue Bottle location to feature a counter-side Cold Bar, which offers an evolving collection of booze-free coffee cocktails, shaken, stirred, and precisely measured. The four-item opening menu includes an Oji Old Fashioned made with slow-dripped cold brew and jasmine tea with sweet hints of vanilla and fresh orange peel ($6), a sweet and creamy espresso-based Shakerato ($7), and a Suzuki Refresher that blends mint, lime, cold brew and sparkling water ($8). You can also get a “flight of iced,” a trio of cold coffee and espresso served in small glass cylinders ($5).

Novel though it may be, the coffee cocktail program is launching at the South Park location with hopes of appealing to a more innovative and creative crowd of worker drones swarming in from nearby startups and design firms. Reactions have varied from pleasantly surprised to downright confounded, but you’ll have to judge for yourself where to draw the line between absurd and avant garde.

Blue Bottle Coffee, 2 South Park Street,


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