Eating Our Way Through Outside Lands, Day 2

It’s hard but not impossible to eat vegetables at Outside Lands. I was very excited to see Radiohead, because OK Computer was the CD that I listened to on repeat-all 1,000 times at the peak of my alienated-adolescent phase, and I’d never seen them live before. Well, Thom Yorke isn’t big on the banter — no surprise there — and while I’m really glad they led off with three songs from A Moon Shaped Pool, and I got to sing along to “There There” and “Let Down” at the top of my lungs, as entertainers, there are better acts. In other words, I got some nutrition after all, because watching Radiohead felt like eating my vegetables.

For the tastier morsels that Tamara Palmer and I consumed, read on.


Namu Gaji’s Korean Fried Chicken
I was hoping to lavish a goodly portion of my appetite on Outside Clams — which is essentially Woodhouse Fish Co. — but the line was 30 people deep so we went to Namu Gaji next door, instead. It was a good decision, as these saucy little scraps were spicy and satiating. Even better, Wine Lands is right near by, and a glass of sparkling rosé from Scharffenberger makes a fine pairing. — Peter Lawrence Kane

DeLessio Market & Bakery’s Rabanada
It’s been fun exploring all the breakfast-oriented options this weekend, and one of the best I’ve tried so far is rabanada, a $4 snack from DeLessio Market & Bakery. It’s a Brazilian take on French toast, made with French bread, milk, and condensed milk that’s been pan-fried and tossed with organic sugar and cinnamon. Served cold in a paper bag, it doesn’t turn soggy and is all about the contrast between the crunchy outside and the creamy inside. Luckily for those who will be instantly addicted, you can find this treat outside the fest at DeLessio’s two locations in San Francisco. — Tamara Palmer


Rich Table’s Porcini Doughnuts With Raclette

I know, I know: Everybody loves and writes about these things. But Rich Table‘s porcini doughnuts truly are a mandatory OSL bite. They’re like fried clouds dusted with a salty-earthy dried fungus powder, and the raclette dipping sauce mirrors their texture. Unlike most fondue-like raclettes, it’s whipped to a froth, which has the added bonus of making it something you can eating standing up. Why savory doughnuts haven’t completely conquered the world yet is beyond me. — PLK


The Japanese Pantry’s Spicy Tots
The Japanese Pantry is a local importer of artisanal Japanese ingredients led by chef Greg Dunmore, previously of Nojo restaurant in Hayes Valley. Their tater tots maintain crucial crunch even after being drizzled with sweet Kewpie mayonnaise and spicy Sriracha and hitting the foggy air. Although you get a decent portion for $9, it would be far too easy to kill a second plate. — TP


Pica Pica’s Pulled Pork Arepa

Let’s say you want something gooey and hearty and slow-cooked and bad for you. You could do no worse than make a stop at Pica Pica, where the Venezuelan treats known as arepas are decadent without being genuinely gut-busting. In spite of looking a tad sloppy and overfilled, this is actually a well-constructed sandwich that holds together and whose constituent parts balanced one another out. It’s always a stunt or a gimmick when you see things like burgers with donut “buns,” but using sweet yellow corn to hold pulled pork, black beans, and cheese together hails from a genuine culinary tradition, so there. — PLK

Have fun out there today, everybody. Enjoy Lionel Richie, Griz, The Muppets, and everything you put in your pie-holes!

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