Monday Seven: Trader Joe’s Definitely Coming to Fourth and Market

Plus high-end Fillmore Korean restaurant Mosu adds a few more courses to its tasting menu, a startup finds a way to make sure seafood is what is says, and Dick Van Dyke could not sound better serenading patrons at Denny’s.

The Fourth Street Trader Joe’s Is Definitely Happening

Hoodline spotted a sign looking for workers at the Stonestown Trader Joe’s.

Mosu Rolls Out a New Menu

Perhaps responding to some criticism that it’s too expensive, Mosu (1552 Fillmore) has adjusted its $195 tasting menu. Formerly 12 courses, Chef Sung Anh now serves 15, adding homemade banchan after the small bites (like burdock root with dried Sancho berries and cultured butter) and before the larger items (like Dungeness crab with egg, crab roe, and trout roe).

Bishop’s Burgers to Replace an Unused Shack in the Bayview

Socketsite reports that the structure currently standing in the Bayview’s Mendell Plaza at 4801 Third Street could become a Bishop’s Burgers by the middle of next year, with a walk-up window for coffee in the morning.

How One Company Combats Seafood Fraud

The New York Times profiles Red’s Best, a startup that tackles the (deliberate) mislabeling of seafood with by placing “a traceability label on each box of fish. The label has a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned by smartphones to reveal who caught the fish, where and how. A unique web page is automatically created for that fish. Buyers, typically high-end wholesalers throughout the country, and their customers can scan the code to learn the story behind the fish.” Fascinating.

Mass LGBT Kiss-in at British Supermarket

This has always struck me as the best possible form of activism. When two men were booted from a Sainsbury’s in East London for smooching, 200 people responded with a kiss-in. The BBC reports that the grocery store apologized, promised to investigate the incident, gave cookies and water to the protesters, and, uh, gave the guys a 10-pound gift card.

Rio de Janeiro’s Most Famous Snack Is Taste-Free Yet Addicting

“Basically an oversize Funyun minus the onion, or what you would get if you ordered a Cheez Doodle, hold the cheese,” says The New York Times says of Biscoito Globo, a ubiquitous snack in the host city for the Summer Olympics. It’s made of sour starch, water, coconut fat, eggs, milk, salt and sugar, and has a ” crumbly texture and nothing else — air turned into a doughnut-shaped wafer. Pop one in your mouth, and it is as if your teeth are at a party to which your tongue was not invited.” Yummers!

Dick Van Dyke Is 90 and Still Singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This was in a Denny’s over the weekend.

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