Thursday Nine: Eat “Ritzeos” at YBCA


Plus a Monterey restaurant pops up in Dogpatch, Duc Loi opens in Bayview, and Ruth Reichl!

Yerba Buena Has a Cafe Art Installation for the Tom Sachs Show

As part of Tom Sachs’ exhibit, Space Program: Europa, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has created a Logjam Café, which is half site-specific installation and half fully functioning coffeehouse. There’s a custom coffee cart with beans from Brooklyn roastery Lofted Coffee plus a bunch of whiskey, mezcal, Tecate, and the “Ritzeo” a vacuum-sealed hybrid Oreo and Ritz cracker that I guess would keep your metabolism up during the years-long voyage to the Jovian moon of Europa. It’s free and open to the public for the entire show’s run, through Jan. 15, 2017.

Fat Angel’s Cellar Sale and Tasting Is Oct. 1

While they’ll be partying hard with various German beers tomorrow, Sept. 23 at Fat Angel (1740 O’Farrell) for Oktoberfest, the Western Addition star will also open up the vaults on Saturday, Oct. 1 from noon to 1 a.m. for its Cellar Sale and Tasting. Featuring a 2010 The Bruery ‘3 French Hens’ Belgian-style Dark Ale and others, it’s a great way to sample some obscurities (and maybe stumble home with a few bottles).

Duc Loi Opening Bayview Grocery

On Oct. 5, Duc Loi (2200 Mission) the Vietnamese market with excellent banh mi, will open Duc Loi Pantry (5900 Third St.) in the Bayview. According to Hoodline, it’s the first major grocery store in the vicinity since 2013, and Peet’s Coffee will have a kiosk.

One Market Debuts Wine “Flight of the Month”

One Market‘s sommelier and wine director Tonya Pitts has rolled out a $25 flight of the month, consisting of a pour of a sparkling, white, and red wine, and October’s is a Champagne Daid Coutelas Brut Cuvée Tradition, Villers-Sous-Matillon, Vallée de la Marne NV, a Liu Dit Chenin Blanv, Santa Ynez Valley 2o14, and a Copain “P2” (Pinot Gris/Pinot Noir), Anderson Valley 2o15.

CUESA’s Sunday Supper Is Oct. 16. Ruth Reichl Is Coming!

Sunday Supper, CUESA’s big fall gala, is Sunday, Oct. 16. It brings tons of chefs and farmers together with foodies on long dining tables on the second floor of the Ferry Building for a four-course meal in support of CUESA’s programming. For this, the 14th year, Ruth Reichl, the food critic who made it OK to lavish praise on a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant, will be there (as will chefs from State Bird Provisions, Prospect, Mister Jiu’s, Bix, and more). Tickets start at $275 but my stars, the good this organization does!

Monterey’s Restaurant 1833 Popping Up in The Sea Star

We included The Sea Star (2289 Third St.) in our feature last week about 50 dive bars whose closure would crush our spirits, knowing the place could be a little fancy. Well, here’s some fancy we wholeheartedly approve of: Monterey’s farm-to-table Restaurant 1833 will take over on Wednesday, Oct 5 from 6-10 p.m., with cocktails by lead bartender Josh Perry. Look for six innovative drinks, including the Mixologist’s Breakfast (banana-infused Appleton Estate Rum, fleur de sel, cold brew coffee, and brown butter syrup). It’s so … honest.

Colbert on America’s Greatness at Gross Food

Starting at 5:00 in this clip, Stephen Colbert riffs on the Australian hamburger-hot dog combo known as the hamdog, with a stirring encomium to American ingenuity in the sphere of “unnatural food combination.”  “I don’t care what it is, combine lamb chops with a Slurpee. Pipe gravy into a Twinkie. Make beef stroganoff into Fruit Roll-ups. Call them ‘Beef Strog-offs.’ ”

We Could Lose Half the World’s Coffee-Growing Regions to Climate Change by 2050

I feel like climate change has gone the way of Merrick Garland on the national radar these days, but maybe this will get people to care? (Prolly not, I know.) But let’s keep in mind it’s not just internet worker bees’ contributions to economic productivity that’s at stake: The New York Times notes that worldwide, 125 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods.

It’s No Longer Cool to Hate Guy Fieri, Salon Says

It’s a warning of sorts for Anthony Bourdain. But also a response to the Esquire story “The Genius of Guy Fieri” and the general impulse toward more democratic standards of taste.

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