Wednesday Eight: Bon Appétit on the Mission Burrito

Plus Novela throws a Punch on the Block party, Juhu Beach Club's Preeti Mistry announces a second restaurant, and leaked Clinton emails talk risotto.

Juhu Beach Club’s Preeti Mistry Opening a Second Restaurant

It’ll be called Navi Kitchen, and it’ll be at the Bakery Lofts at 5000 Adeline St. in Emeryville. Inside Scoop report that it’ll open next spring as a lunch-and-dinner spot for market-driven Indian and Indian-inspired food, like a burnt masala-brined rotisserie chicken with tikka masala mac, plus a chai bar and Straus milk shakes.

Bon Appétit‘s Cover Story Is About the Mission Burrito

Did you know that the founder of Chipotle was once a line cook at Jeremiah Tower’s Stars? In this month’s B.A. cover story, former SFoodie editor John Birdsall looks at the fraught state of the Mission burrito, asking “How does a cheap, working-class food endure in a place that’s suddenly neither?” There is a lengthy paean to the virtues of El Farolito’s carnitas burrito, among many other glorious tidbits, with more than a little bit of hometown pride: “California’s burritos are better than other states’ burritos, but none are as good as San Francisco’s. (I’m aware of the controversial nature of this truth.)”


Novela’s Punch on the Block Party Is Oct. 22

A week from this Saturday (Oct. 22, noon – 6 p.m.), Novela (662 Mission) will show you how to make traditional English punch in its Distillery No. 209 Punch Lab. There will be 10 punch stations and a full bar as the joint takes over Annie Alley for Punch on the Block. All-you-can-drink tickets are only $15, and more food and drink is available a la carte, just sayin’.

UPDATED WITH DIFFERENT HOURS: Scopo Divino Launches Lunch and Brunch

Scopo Divino, the charming and accessible Pacific Heights wine bar at 2800 California St., has launched lunch (Wednesdays through Fridays, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) and brunch (Saturday, 10 a.m. -2 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.). There’s the same vast array of cheese and charcuterie that’s also available by evening — including the Tower of four cheeses and three meats — along with salads and sandwiches. A Bartlett & Asian pear salad sounds nice, but hello vegetable muffaletta with roasted cauliflower, provolone piccante, and pickled vegetable and olive salsa.

Mezcalito Starts Taco Tuesday

Only a month after opening, Mezcalito (2323 Polk) has done the right thing and put out a special Taco Tuesday menu, with six options available only on el martes, among them a sauteed shrimp taco, an Ensenada fish taco, and a braised beef tongue taco.

Square Wants to Sell Caviar, But It Can’t

Having purchased Caviar in 2014 for $90 million in stock, Square apparently wants to unload its money-losing food delivery service. But according to the Business Times and Bloomberg, there are no takers. So it might go the way of SpoonRocket. You might be like, “That sounds a little like Twitter, which can’t find a buyer, either,” and then you might remember that Jack Dorsey is the CEO of both companies.

All Hail the Pumpkin Queen

The New York Times profiles Sarah Frey of Illinois, the Pumpkin Queen of America, who wants to shepherd the tumescent cucurbits from decorative-gourd territory into the terrain of big edible buddies. It came from a very commonsense observation: “I always knew you could eat them, but I was like, why would you?” she said. “Then I thought, ‘Jeez, what a waste to throw them away when they are done making your house look good.’” If you think there’s a natural ceiling to heirloom pumpkins’ appeal, well, “it’s hard to disagree with someone who went from a teenager selling scrap iron and running a little melon route to one of the nation’s major produce suppliers.”

The Art of Risotto, As Gleaned from Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails

“The slower add process and stirring causes the rice to give up it’s starch which gives the risotto it’s creamy consistency,” Clinton adviser John Podesta said to a finance guy from the Clinton Foundation. Epicurious calls it the October surprise.

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