Wednesday 11: Hog & Rocks’ Big Ass BBQ Brunch, Eggplant Emoji Vibrators

It’s not all references to naughty bits, though, as Old Devil Moon opens at long last, Coca-Cola’s water usage becomes sustainable, and Spaghetti Bros. becomes Maybeck’s.

Old Devil Moon Opens in Bernal Heights

Certified cicerone, SF Homebrewers Guild founder, and once in blue-devil-moon SFoodie contributor Chris Cohen has opened Old Devil Moon, a beer-and-craft-cocktail bar with po’ boys and an “occult-inspired vibe” at 3472 Mission St. in Bernal Heights. This project took a very long time to come to fruition, but let us savor the details: It’s owned by three cicerones (possibly making it unique in the world), there’s Fernet Francisco on draft, the fireplace has candles and skulls, and the po’ boys come on Pinkie’s French bread with pickles by Paulie’s Pickling, tasso from Avedano Meats, seafood from Gulfish, and a house-made barrel-aged hot sauce. Yowza.

Namu Gaji to Open Namu Stonepot

The team behind the consistently fantastic Korean restaurant Namu Gaji (499 Dolores) will open Namu Stonepot in the former Jay’s Cheesesteak Space on Divis later this fall. (This is in addition to their other project, Namu Noodle, in Dogpatch.) Eater reports that dishes will be between $7 and $25, focusing on stonepot, kimchi stew, ramen, and “several forms of mochiko fried chicken.”

Spaghetti Bros. to Become Maybeck’s

Aaron Toensing and Erik Lowe of Spaghetti Bros. (3213 Scott) have officially decided to rename their not-quite-one-year-old restaurant after an architect from the Arts and Crafts Movement, Bernard Maybeck. Inside Scoop reports that Maybeck’s is called that because too many patrons expected something along the lines of the Spaghetti Factory. Personally — and I say this as a fan of Spaghetti Bros. — “spaghetti” is the second-most questionable word in its soon-to-be-former name.

Antoinette Will Now Be Limewood

Kneecapped right at the start once Dominique Crenn left the project, Antoinette (41 Tunnel Rd. inside the Claremont Hotel & Spa, Berkeley) will henceforth be Limewood. It’s been re-re-designed, and chef Joseph Humphrey’s menu looks upscale-conservative enough to avoid getting slammed by one-star Yelp reviews by disgruntled club members upset with Crenn’s more avant-garde style and price point.

ATwater Tavern Adds Brunch

Hello chilaquiles! ATwater Tavern (295 Terry A. Francois Blvd.) wants to woo you on Giants afternoon home games. (There are gluten-free pancakes, too.)

Big Ass BBQ Brunch on Hog & Rocks

Pierre Tumlin of Hog & Rocks (3431 19th St.) wants you to skip the propane on Labor Day and party with him instead, from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. (or when the food runs out). At $45 for two, H&R’s Big Ass BBQ Brunch offers tons of grilled meats (brisket, pulled pork, house-made kielbasa) plus house-made “Wonder” bread, burnt ends baked beans, and an ice cream sandwich. Oh yeah, there are dollar oysters during brunch and happy hour, too.

Fruititarianism Takes Off

Salon has a cool story on the rise of fruititarians, people who derive about 75 percent of their nutritional intake from fruit. (The 80/10/10 diet is a popular scheme, in which 80 percent of the foods you eat are fruit, with 10 percent each from fat and protein.) Steve Jobs tried it for awhile in the ’70s, but it messed up his insulin. Orthorexia or not, at least it doesn’t force you go out and buy lots of expensive proprietary juice blends and supplements — although eating 51 bananas in a day does sound rather costly.

Coca-Cola Is Officially a Sustainable Water User

Coke rots your teeth and gives you diabetes but at least Coca-Cola and its bottling companies replenish the water they use. According to the company, it returned 145.8 billion gallons of water to local watersheds, 115 percent more than it consumed.

Fast-Food Workers’ Biggest Employment Threat Is Not the Fight for 15

Salon says “the greatest threat to the future employment of fast-food workers won’t be a minimum wage hike, but the simple fact that millennials ‘don’t feel like dealing with people.’ ” Eatsa is just the beginning, and Papa Song’s is soon to follow.

Noodle Treaty Violations in China

Hand-pulled halal noodles made by the Hui, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group from northwestern China, are so popular that there was an agreement effectively guaranteeing an oligopoly, limiting noodle shops to one per village.  Now that halal food is spreading to the country’s east, the New York Times reports that the peace may be fraying: In Shanghai, protestors blocked the entrance of a restaurants because “they accused the restaurateur of violating the Shaanxi-Ningxia-Gansu Treaty, a social pact that prohibits the Hui from opening halal noodle shops within 400 meters of each other — roughly 1,300 feet.”

Go Fuck Yourself With an Eggplant Emoji Vibrator

What an age to be alive!

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