Wednesday Nine: Adriano Paganini Will Flip Us the Bird in October

Plus Tartine Manufactory opens and $14 chocolate bars could be headed to rapidly gentrifying Divis, signaling that the heat death of the universe has begun.

Tartine Manufactory Has Opened

The 5,000-square-foot space at 585 Alabama St. is open for business. Tartine Manufactory appears to be precisely the juggernaut we knew it would be, with Heath Ceramics (and the artisan makers’ hub Heath Collaborative) all around it.  We will have an in-depth report later this week, but for now, the cafe is open from 7 am. – 5 p.m., and dinner will begin down the line.

Finn Town Coming in October, Market & Rye to Close This Month

Chef Ryan Scott will close his Potrero Hill eatery Market & Rye (300 De Haro) this month, and open Finn Town (2223 Market) in the Castro two months later. Scott has hired Jason Raffin — who was most recently the executive chef at Bin 38/Scotland Yard — as Chef de Cuisine, and will also be selling his debut cookbook ONE TO FIVE: One Shortcut Recipe Transformed into Five Easy Dishes right around the time Finn Town opens. My crystal ball predicts that Rachael Ray will do a segment on it. Hoda Kotb, too.

Adriano Paganini’s The Bird Hits New Montgomery in October

Its icon is a fox with a sandwich in its mouth, as The Bird (115 New Montgomery) — the latest restaurant from serial casual concept restaurant-opener Adriano Paganini, of Starbelly, Super Duper, Belga, Delarosa, etc. etc. — is all about fried chicken. It will begin guarding the henhouse sometime in October, when it will open for lunch and dinner.

$14 Chocolate Bars Potentially Coming to Divisadero

Oh, dear. Hoodline reports that the space at 621 Divisadero formerly occupied by Health Haven and Pet Haven will soon become home to a Japanese chocolatier called Green Bean to Bar — although this location won’t go by that name. In Tokyo, Green Bean to Bar sells $14 chocolate bars, $5 hot chocolates, and $5 eclairs. Get ready for some teeth-gnashing.

Omakase Turns One, Throws Two Nine-Course Sake Pairing Dinners

Eighteen-seat SoMa omakase restaurant Omakase (665 Townsend) will turn one next month, and together with Chris Pearce, the first non-Japanese person to become an Expert Sake Appraiser by the Japan National Research Institute of Brewing, Executive Chef Jackson Wu has put together a nine-course sake pairing dinner to be served on back-to-back evenings, Sept. 21-22, 8:30 p.m. Expect a lot of sashimi and nigiri from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, and a fair amount of uni and king crab. In all fairness, the $350 price tag is a bit steep, but opportunities like this don’t come along often.

Eureka! Closed on Aug. 14

It means “I have found it” in Greek, but Eureka! ended its three-year run selling coffee and ice cream over the weekend. Hoodline reports that the owners put the blame squarely on the sidewalk-widening project that tore up the neighborhood for a good while, just as business was starting to pick up. The last thing the poor Castro needs is more vacant storefronts, but with approximately two dozen places selling coffee, its commercial base has gotten a bit skewed, and there may be perhaps a slight winnowing.

Mission Chinese Alum Opens Brooklyn Bar Centered on Mead

The bar is called Honey, The New York Times reports, and it serves drinks made by Arley Marks (formerly of NYC’s Mission Chinese) from products by Brooklyn meadery Enlightenment Wines. It sounds relatively down-to-earth, though, with one of the principals plainly stating that what they do is easily reproducible at home, and they’ll eventually plant a rooftop bar with Sichuan flower spilanthes, scented geraniums, wormwood, and American juniper.

What Is the Volume of a Fart?

It doesn’t involve a formula like 4*pi*r^3 / 3, but FiveThirtyEight ascertained that farts occupy a range between the volume of a bottle of nail polish and a can of soda.

If You’re a Famous Indian Movie Star, You Might Get Regularly Doused In Milk

So says The New York Times. A practice once reserved for Hindu deities, it’s now increasingly commonplace to shower movie stars with milk. Fans even wake up before dawn to steal it, causing one actor to chide his fans and tell them to donate blood instead. Ruh-roh: Never tell your fans how to like you. Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch asked his admirers not to refer to themselves as Cumberbitches?

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