Wednesday Nine: Novela Serves Cocktails for Rock Royalty

Plus Bon Appetit gives the nod to Leo’s Oyster Bar’s decor, the East Bay Express profiles the only Michelin-starred chef in Oakland, and SoMa StrEat Food Park combines a Robin Williams Film Festival with Very Vegan Sundays.

Bon Appetit Think Leo’s Oyster Bar Is Real Purty
So they named it the Best Designed Restaurant of the Year. I do have to raise my pinky in polite objection to the Mad Men comparison when I don’t think Roger Sterling or Harry Crane would be caught dead in there and come on, it looks like the lanai from The Golden Girls. But congrats, Leo’s!

A Look at the Only Chef in Oakland with a Michelin Star
The East Bay Express profiles Lao-by-way-of-Thailand James Syhabout (Hawker Fare, Commis, The Dock), the only chef in Oakland with a Michelin star to his name.

Foreign Cinema Teams Up with Chef Niloufer Ichiporia King This Weekend
The author of My Bombay Kitchen, two-time James Beard Award winner Niloufer Ichiporia King will take over brunch service at Foreign Cinema (2534 Mission) both days this weekend, cooking dishes like a house-made Goa sausage and garam masala chicken kebabs, plus a kachumbar mignonette at the oyster bar and desserts like shrikhand (a yogurt-based dish served with mangoes and saffron cream) and an affogato prepared with South Indian filter coffee.

Tamarind Hall Now Open in North Beach
Not Tammany Hall, that’s something much, much worse. Tamarind Hall Thai Street Food & Bar (1268 Grant Ave.) has replaced King of Thai Noodle, serving Thai comfort foods that start at only $5, like a Thai salmon ceviche, roti gaeng neur (flank steak green curry), and the signature dish, gai yang som tum (Thai roasted chicken).

Iza Ramen No. 2 Headed to Triptych Space in SoMa
Inside Scoop reports that Iza Ramen (237 Fillmore), which began as a pop-up that sprouted from Blowfish Sushi, will take over the space at 1155 Folsom Street formerly occupied by Triptych later this fall, with expanded lunch and izakaya menus.

TOMORROW: Tacolicious’ Guest Chef Series Closes Out with a Pretty-Great-Sounding Taco
Don’t you want a crunchy chili cheeseburger taco from Adam Rosenblum of Popsons? Doesn’t it sound more highbrow than that Whopperito Burger King is about to drop next week? You have one chance to get it, and that’s tomorrow (Aug. 11) from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Ferry Building Tacolicious.

Novela Shakes Up Cocktails for Rock Stars Saturday Night
Novela (662 Mission) will throw its third Sound of Cocktails series this Saturday, Aug. 13, at 9 p.m., playing music from rock royalty (Queen, Queen Bey, The King, The King of Pop, B.B. King, Kings of Leon, maybe The King Khan & BBQ Show if the DJ is into that, but probably not Niloufer Ichiporia King) while mixing cocktails inspired by those same folks. To wit: The King, an Elvis-y drink that includes banana-infused Dickel rye, peanut butter, and chocolate, served over peanut butter and banana bread ice cream; and The Prince, a daiquiri that changes color from blue to purple with the addition of citric acid and peaflower. Neat!

SoMa StrEat Food Park Throws Third Robin Williams Mini-Film Festival
It’s coming this Sunday, Aug. 14, with screenings of Jumanji (11 a.m.), Mrs. Doubtfire (1 p.m.) and The Birdcage (3 p.m.). Better still, the Robin Williams film fest (and its free popcorn) coincides with Very Vegan Sundays, which means vegan beer, vegan mimosas, and lots of vegan food from a lineup of food trucks that is still TBD. Watch out, vegans, that area of SoMa is known for drive-by fruitings.

Doc’s Clock Wants in on the Legacy Business Program
As the minute-hand approaches midnight for the famed Mission dive, Doc’s Clock (2575 Mission) is looking to become a legacy business. Eater reports that owner Carey Suckow will make her case before S.F.’s Historical Preservation Committee later this month, and while the move won’t likely get the landlord to renew the lease, money from the program may help the bar find a new digs elsewhere.

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