Wednesday Seven: Humpback Whales (Mostly) Delisted from Endangered Species Roster

The Town Eats Festival Comes to Jack London Square

As we noted earlier, the Eat Real Festival takes place in Jack London Square Friday-Sunday, Sept. 23-25. But it won’t get to hog the joint to itself, because the second annual Town Eats festival happens at the same time, on the northern end, near Lungomare. There’s a pig-roast cookoff between chefs from Lungomare, Chop Bar, and Calavera on Saturday, plus a brand-new “Tomatopia” that will roll out dishes created with new varietals of tomatoes (plus micheladas!). Expect drink specials from Drake’s Dealership and Rock Wall Winery, plus a lot of music.

Treasure Island Flea Is Moving Across the Island

Big things are happening on that little isle. Next month’s Treasure Island Music Festival will be the last one in that location, and now Eater reports that Treasure Island Flea is shifting from the southeastern side of the island to the north. A grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 24 will reveal three times the number of food trucks, three outdoor bars, giant Connect Four, and more. It’s only $3 to get in, and the food-and-drink lineup rotates every quarter.

There’s Going to Be a Pistachio Shortage

The drought in California, which produces most of the world’s 520,000 tons of pistachios, has reduced crop yields by about 100,000 tons. But according to Gizmodo, a drought in Iran, which is another significant producer, is putting further dents in the harvest, so stock up.

“We Shouldn’t Be Proud of Chefs Who Are Screaming in the Kitchen,” Says Eric Ripert

Which is why he told ABC that he runs his kitchen, the three-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin in New York, according to Buddhist principles.

Thrillist Tours the Pringles Factory

This sort of smells a little like advertorial, but did you know that the Pringles Guy is named Julius Pringles? I didn’t. Also, the house jargon for Pringles’ shape is “dough-vals” (rhymes with ovals).

Delisted! (Most) Humpback Whales Are Doing OK, It Seems

Since they were listed as an Endangered Species in 1970, nine of the world’s 14 populations of humpback whales have recovered sufficiently that they’re no longer endangered. NPR emphasizes that hunting them is still illegal, and they’re still covered under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. I credit this to a breeding pair named George and Gracie who were transported to the 23rd-century from 1986 San Francisco via Klingon Bird of Prey thanks to a Vulcan who everybody thought was just a burnout from the ’60s I know that makes no sense but whatevs it’s the second-best one after Wrath of Khan.

How to Choose the Fastest Line at the Grocery Store

News you can use! The quants at The New York Times aren’t exactly applying the hard-data revolution to this one, but I like the logic behind the idea that you should get behind someone with a full cart. Oh, and the factoid that Americans waste 37 billion hours a year waiting in line sounds hideous until you realize that averages out to only about 12 hours per person, or two minutes per person per day.

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