SF's Cost of Doing Business Helped Doom Jeanty at Jack's, Says Chef Philippe Jeanty

Chef Philippe Jeanty blamed the cost of doing business in San Francisco for Friday's closure of Jeanty at Jack's, one of the city's oldest restaurants. The announcement that the Sacramento Street restaurant would cease operating came late Friday afternoon, surprising many. This morning, Jeanty suggested to SFoodie that the bleak economy — coupled with city-mandated business expenses — combined to kill off the eatery.

“I went back and forth on it,” said Jeanty, who was not present for Friday night's final dinner service in San Francisco. “Just the way the economy is going, and the specific things that the politicians are doing in San Francisco, just makes it too expensive to do business there.” The chef cited Healthy San Francisco, as well as the city's 2007 paid sick leave law, and the minimum wage boost (to $9.79 per hour) that took effect earlier this year. “The politicians seem to come up with something new every week,” said Jeanty, who said he plans to focus his attentions on Bistro Jeanty, his brasserie-style restaurant in Yountville. None of the San Francisco staff is transferring to Yountville.


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