Show Dogs' New Breakfast Sandwich: It's Morning in Mid-Market

Really? The asking price of $9.95 seemed a bit steep for what appeared to be a glorified Egg McMuffin on Show Dogs' recently unveiled breakfast menu, especially considering our front-row view of a local taking his morning whiz on Sixth Street. But the Sunrise ShowDog was tasty enough to take some of the sting out of both. Other breakfast options here are huevos rancheros, silver dollar corn pancakes, a merguez frittata, even steak and eggs. The morning ShowDog is a house-made maple-bacon sausage under a fluffy scramble of eggs with onion, green peppers, tomatoes, arugula, cheddar, all nestled in a lightly toasted sesame bun from Acme. Miraculously, we could actually lift it to take clean bites, no fork necessary. The bun took us back to third-grade days, when mom would toast up a few slices of white bread breakfast, but a cold, thin, bitter-tasting disc of celery-root hash browns killed our nostalgia. Still, service was cheery and the manager offered to refill our mug with more Four Barrel ($2.25). He told us takeout isn't yet available for breakfast, and weekend service is coming soon.

Show Dogs: 1020 Market (at Golden Gate), 558-9560.

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