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Moondance, Frankly, My Dear ..., Book 'Em, Clever Waiter Tricks, Bells and Whistles, Comings and Goings, and Going Public

Pretty much the entire opening crew has vacated Moonshine over on Broadway: The endeavor, moneybagged by New Line Cinema, didn't really get off to a good start. After the upscale Southern soul food palace was body-slammed and rope-a-doped on all four sides, the powers that be decided to regroup for a second onslaught on fine Dixie cuisine. The new chef is Steve Simmons — late of Bubba's San Anselmo diner, and yet another Bradley Ogden protégé. He backed out at the 11th hour due to unrelated conflicts, and Mitchell Fishman is entering the ring instead.

Frankly, My Dear …
Wow! That was some party on the corner of Church and Market: The boys behind the new JohnFrank restaurant tented the parking lot and made sure they kept the wine flowing. The spot features modern European cuisine whipped up by Chef Richard Crocker — Harry suggests the country pork and pistachio tureen or sour cherry stuffed quail for starters. Entrees run the gamut from wood-roasted veal with artichokes to grilled baseball steak — watch out for the stitching! The staff has also put together a fun wine list. Best of luck.

Book 'Em
Look for the brand-spanking-new French Laundry Cookbook, available this weekend. The colorful hardback was written by Chef Thomas Keller and features 150 of his artful recipes. They probably won't taste as good at home (Harry also hears the amateur cook may find a number of them a little, uh, challenging), but you'll certainly have more cash left over than you might after a trip up to Yountville. … Meanwhile, the Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook is already flying off of bookshelves, just in time for your favorite cook's Christmas.

Clever Waiter Tricks
David Raymond, bon vivant and waiter at Globe, is opening an exhibition of photographs at Cha Cha Cha on Haight. The show features 24 pieces from Raymond's recent trip to Cuba. Opening night is this Monday, and that means cheese and crackers for all.

Bells and Whistles
Sam Burkett is moonlighting at Tonic in between managerial gigs. You can catch up on all the gossip with her on Polk Street every Monday. … John Gasparini, the cheerful co-owner of 15 Romolo, just got engaged to his girlfriend, Michelle. Another handsome bartender bites the dust. … Reed Hearon has become a regular at Foreign Cinema — why didn't he think of it first? … Finally, look for a new name and maybe a little change in décor at Elka Gilmore's Oodles.

Comings and Goings
Cypress Club is returning to its culinary roots — new chef Joe Zielinski will be revisiting the original American cuisine started there by Cory Schreiber. And there's an update on the continuing drama at BAM/Alta Plaza: A recent Sunday classified ad lists the Upper Fillmore space for sale. Just fishing? Tune in next week.

Going Public
Hey guys, what's up? Are all you multimedia rats overworked or what? I've been trolling the Internet for the latest foodie morsels, and I'm coming up with nothing but stale croutons. The Kitchenette hasn't updated its gossip column, The Dish, since the Eastside West opening months ago. (That's one dish that's out of season.) Sidewalk San Francisco, usually a wealth of info, is still reporting on the Foreign Cinema festivities dated Aug. 23. Yawn. And the Spy, buried deep in the bowels of CitySearch, hasn't planted a bug since the 11th of June. So much for the immediacy of the Web, eh?

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