Sigsbee's Saunters onto the Street Food Scene

A new mobile eatery will hit San Francisco streets — or more specifically a sunny corner on 455 Mission Bay Blvd — in early June. Sigsbee's is looking to fill a niche for a “new kind of wow factor” that will distinguish it from most off-the-grid eats. Rather than trying to out-do the latest crazy taco twist or far out fusion (Eire Trea, anyone?), siblings Tony and Jennifer Jett have a back-to-basics vision. Sigsbee's aims to offer the kind of food you can eat several times a week, which is just what Chef Garret Blantz, brother-in-law to Tony and Jennifer, hopes the community in this developing Mission Bay community will do. 

Sigsbee's will be serving up a variety of sandwiches ($6-$10) like a roast pork shoulder with fuji apples and sriracha slaw and a roast beef sandwich with fennel, arugala, worchester aioli and gruyere fondue. Salads will vary seasonally (around $7) and everything on the menu (except the option of Acme bread for sandwiches) is gluten free. This accessibility is important to the Jetts who have struggled to reconcile their enthusiasm for San Francisco's food scene and the dietary restrictions of Celiac disease. 

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