Slow Food Rocks Interview: Lillie Belle Farms

“I just got Gnarls Barkley all jacked up on Hippie Crunch!” exclaims Jeff Shepherd.

When it comes to artisan chocolates and confections, Lillie Belle Farms of southern Oregon is a personal favorite. Indeed, the Shepherd's Hippie Crunch (dark chocolate covering big chunks of caramelized crisped rice) has been known to induce fits of fiendishness, while his chocolates continually push the envelope of flavor profiles — whether in a sublime blue cheese truffle, a fleur de sel caramel infused with lavender or a berry cordial made of fruit grown on Lillie Belle's organic farm.

While familiar with Lillie Belle's hippie aesthetic, I didn't realize that Shepherd is a truly dedicated Deadhead; he also mentioned that his chocolates have been on the tour buses of legends like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Steely Dan and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. After asking the probably very obvious question of whether he was looking forward to catching today's Slow Food Rocks headliner Phil Lesh & Friends, he decided to give us a quick look at his secret stash. —Tamara Palmer

(Video after the jump!)

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