Slow Jams Spreads Sweet Love on Our Crackers

Shakirah Simley brought 50 of her Slow Jams to last week's Underground Farmers' Market and sold out in under two hours. We drove across town to meet the person behind such a clever product name, and were happy to discover that the flavors were just as inventive. We settled on a subtly buzzy cranberry balsamic black pepper jam, which has so far done very well flirting with the cream cheese and crackers in the kitchen, and looks forward to a hot date with some really good, juicy meat.

Slow Jams launched just last month. Simley told SFoodie she hopes to source a quarter of her ingredients from urban farms and represent an often-overlooked segment of local agriculture. She is currently offering local delivery while she works out her online store, and will change flavors super frequently according to what's freshest at the moment. Her Twitter page is a growing account of a new venture on the come-up.

You know you're

serious about your start-up,” she tweeted recently, “when you find flecks of jam in your afro at

1AM & you marvel at the jam color, not ur hair color.” Jam on, Ms. Simley, jam on.

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