Snack Nation: Sriracha Almonds, SuperSeedz, and Macadamias

While you can shell your own nuts and seeds, snacking is really a way to get in touch with your inner couch potato. Spicy fun with a mild kick is up for the latest batch of snacks. Although Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds' packaging sports a fiery combo of peppers and flames, the actual flavor within offers a hint of garlic and vinegar that isn't outrageously spicy.

True to the genre, some of the most fun with the Blue Diamond Sriracha almonds is sneaking orange-hued licks off your fingers before chasing it with some beer for an updated take on beer nuts. Insider tip: Wipe down your remote control to avoid your roommate/husband finding the powdered evidence.

[jump] SuperSeedz pumpkin seeds are a gourmet take on seeds, with interesting flavors like super-spicy (more scary flames for that packaging – a trend in itself), and maple sugar and sea salt, as well as the unintentionally funny “curious curry.” Since there are no shells and the seeds are dry roasted, the heavy lifting is already done for you. Although great on their own, SuperSeedz can also take a spin in the blender for pesto, which leads to more snacking via dip application. Parents may also appreciate that SuperSeedz can go into a lunchbox when peanut products are forbidden at schools.

Made in Nature’s organic coconut chips offer similar international exploration via maple Madagascar vanilla, Vietnamese cinnamon swirl, ginger Masala chai and Italian espresso – the cinnamon one is great for in hand snacking as well as over a chia or granola fruity breakfast bowl. Maple continues to show up often as a sweet flavor note in many snacks out there.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards macadamia nuts are billed as a sustainable choice from a property with over five thousand acres of farmland and sixty plus years of history. Their Maui onion and Hawaiian BBQ versions were particularly gobble-able for binge-watching Peaky Blinders and Ray Donovan (more snack evidence on that remote!) — ditto for the kicky sea salt and cracked pepper version. The Kona coffee banana macadamia crunch bites make a nice mid-morning snack treat that is not overly sweet.

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