Snacktion: Eggettes

I've lolled in the window of Eggettes many times in the last few years that it's been open, but had never tried it before because I was always on an unwaverable mission to get ice cream at its next-door neighbor/my childhood favorite Polly Ann. Riffing off of a Hong Kong street sweet, Eggettes offers bubbly waffles in original ($2.75), chocolate ($3) and honeydew flavors ($3.25). While it is arguably the focus product here, Eggettes also offers a few hot snacks (fish balls, shiu mai) and a staggering 73 beverage options of milk tea, coffee, shakes, freezes and juices (at an average price of $2.75).

I settled on a toffee tapioca milk tea ($2.75) and a honeydew eggette, the latter mainly out of curiosity as to why it is the most expensive waffle. It's definitely delicious, but I had a hard time placing the honeydew flavor until the waffle had cooled considerably, though the aroma is reminiscent of those little scented Japanese erasers. Next time, I'll save the 50 cents and go for the original, though.

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