Snacktion: Pineapple Pasteles from Elisa's Café

Name: Pineapple Pasteles
Brand: Elisa's Café
Origin: San Francisco
Found at: Rainbow Grocery (1745 Folsom at Division)
Cost: $4.29
Ingredients: Organic sugar, organic flour, organic salt, organic pineapple, organic cinnamon, soybean oil, olive oil
Calories per serving: Not listed, which must mean they have no calories, right?
The word: Pasteles are made with a wide array of fillings that are often savory, but here they take on a simple, sweet twist. 
Tasting notes: These are clean, light, and nicely flaky — even with the absence of butter.
Buy it again? Yes, and will maybe buy two next time. They went quick.
Extra credit: Try them in person at Elisa's Café (4901 Mission at France), a Nicaraguan restaurant in the Excelsior.


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