Snacktion: Sanritsu's Couque D'Asses

Name: Couque D'Asses

Brand: Sanritsu

Origin: Japan

Found at: Sunset Super

Cost: $2.59

Ingredients: Flour, chocolate, sugar, shortening, albumen, butter, corn syrup, milk, corn starch, egg, cocoa, salt, wine, lecithin, flavor

Calories per serving: 44

Why I bought it: 99% for the funny name and 1% craving for butter cookies filled with chocolate cream.

Tasting notes: Watch out, because they're so light and delicate that it's not humanly possible to eat just one. (They're tiny.) Also, could the inclusion of wine in the translation of the ingredients possibly be wrong? Where's the wine?

Would I buy it again? Yes, they're tasty.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: Bunnyfoot declares Couque D'Asses to be “hours of snacking entertainment.”

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