So Reebok's Now in the Bacon Business

In the weirdest marketing strategy we've seen in a while, Reebok — yes, the sneaker company — is now selling bacon to appeal to the hip and happening paleo and CrossFit crowd. 

[jump]Not only is the shoe manufacturer shipping boxes of smoked, uncured, nitrate, MSG- and sweetener-free bacon, it's also serving up different bacon dishes for each day of the CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif. Today's special is bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates. While the bacon hasn't been released to the public yet, 74 boxes packed in dry ice were sent to athletes participating in the Games.

Reebok's website advertises the pair as “together at last.” Which brings up the question: Who asked for this?

Plenty of publications have already written about the anomaly, but we needed to find out on our own if this was a hoax. Before directing us to Reebok's public relations, an online shop consultant told us she is “pretty sure it's a real thing.” Reebok has yet to comment.

[via Eater]

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