Sour Flour Drops Out of 331 Cortland's Wholesome Bakery

The mini shakeout at Bernal's mini food market continues. Last week, SFoodie's Mary Ladd reported that Della Terra Organics had left the petite 331 Cortland Market. Now Sour Flour, which had been offering breads two times a week through Mandy Harper's

Wholesome Bakery stall is kaput. Sour Flour's Danny Gabriner, who quit his job last November to spread the gospel of bread San Francisco, says he's put most of his baking efforts on hold while he figures out financing (Sour Flour will still offer bagels on Monday to anyone who wants them). Gabriner still has some counter hours left in his agreement with Harper, so he hasn't yet vanished completely from 331 Cortland

Harper, meanwhile, is looking for another baker's breads to offer at the Wholesome stall. “Someone who makes unusual, fun breads,” she says, “really inventive things.”

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