Squeals from Good Foods' All-Bacon Dinner

We were invited to check out the Good Foods all-bacon dinner last weekend, so we strapped on our adventure helmets and dove into the madness.

Amazingly enough, we left feeling (pretty) good considering we'd just eaten five courses of meat, a testament to Ball's creativity in not serving a quintuplet of fried plates. Instead, he used bacon as a starting point for pushing the meat envelope in different directions, such as a jus for slow-roasted pork shoulder, a carnivorous cream for a cauliflower “baconflower” soup, and fat mixed with tapioca starch to form a buttery “dust” liberally sprinkled over fatty pork belly and sweet Manila clams.

He called on his friend Chubby Churned to create a meat-heavy bourbon and bacon ice cream as a vehicle for a surprisingly light bacon and cornmeal waffle, which we somehow found plenty of room for at the end of the meal. Funny how that happens when you like the taste of something.


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