SQUEE!: The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Returns to Stonestown Galleria May 19

Did you know she’s almost 44 and her grandmother’s name is Margaret?

Perennially popular mouthless children’s icon Hello Kitty says you can never have too many friends, which is why she’s barnstorming up and down California behind the wheel of a food truck. (If you’re aghast at the very thought of that because she’s way too young to have a driver’s license, well, she debuted in 1974, so she’s almost 44. And it’s actually more of a van.)

In any case, having launched at Hello Kitty Con in 2014, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck returns to San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria on Saturday, May 12. Fans get grab some limited-edition treats and collectibles, like giant cookies, pocket pies, keychains, and bow-shaped water bottles — along with classics like a box set of four petit fours, a set of five macarons, and T-shirts in adult and child sizes. Although she’s mostly found on lunchboxes and other staples of kawaii culture, Hello Kitty’s face also happens to adorn an Airbus A-330 jet. In spite of being middle-aged, she has living grandparents, including a grandmother named Margaret. (You knew she was a person and not a cat, right?)

If you miss her at Stonestown, you can also catch the truck in Walnut Creek, Sacramento, Pleasanton and elsewhere in the weeks to come. Isn’t it weird that she’s making more appearances than the former S.F. mayor who’s running for governor?

Hello Kitty Cafe TruckSaturday, May 19, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., at Stonestown Galleria, sanrio.com

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