Street-Food Vendors Form Tent City to Apply for Permits

Today, the Department of Public Works took over issuing authority for street-food permits with the launch of its Mobile Food Facilities Program. That means DPW started accepting applications from would-be vendors on a first-come, first-served basis, though if you waited till 9 a.m. this morning to get down to the issuing office at 10th Street and Stevenson, you were in for a shock. DPW says it received applications from 35 would-be vendors today ― applicants who began lining up three days ago, i.e., last Friday afternoon, and pitched a tent city. SFoodie's photo evidence is courtesy of Anamika and Suresh Khanna, the Kasa owners launching their Kati Roller food truck. They were fourth in line. First, according to a separate SFoodie source: San Francisco Soup Company. “The new application procedure comes after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation to streamline the process to obtain a permit and become a mobile food vendor,” today's DPW press release reads. Streamlining? Good god.

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