Subway Can't Afford to Give San Francisco Five-Dollar Footlongs

Odd news from Subway, the ubiquitous sandwich chain distinguished by its sickly-sweet bread stink, its perpetually fogged-over windows, and that galumphing pitchman who reverentially lugs about his old, much-bigger pants from commercial to commercial like they're some relic of the saints. Subway is no longer peddling its $5 footlongs in San Francisco because people here aren't as cheap-ass as ingredients.

 As Joe Eskenazi wrote this morning on our sister blog, The Snitch:

But half a dozen San Francisco Subway workers said this recent move was explained to them as a reaction to San Francisco's minimum wage ordinance. Per the will of the voters, minimum wage is calculated each year based on the “August-to-August change in the Consumer Price Index.” On Jan. 1 of this year, it jumped from $9.92 to $10.24, apparently pushing Subway execs to revoke our county's cheap sandwich privileges. As the minimum wage rises higher, perhaps Subway will be forced to scrap Jared Fogle for parts.

Eskenazi gets into more detail here.

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