Sunday: Protest of Live Poultry Sales at Heart of the City Market

Local organization LGBT Compassion has been protesting the sale of live poultry ― carelessly stuffed in double bags ― at Civic Center's Heart of the City Market for more than a year. Since then, organizers say, some 700 complaints have been lodged with Animal Care and Control, but the ethical and health violations continue. Sunday's protest will aim to generate more attention to and action against what they see as animal injustice.

“Live chicken sales create scores of problems outside the market,” writes Vegansaurus' Jordan Pattern, “including people bringing the chickens onto BART and Muni, where they may pass on pathogens to people with compromised immune systems; homeless people adopting them as pets ― cute as the image of the lovable hobo adopting a chicken friend is, chickens don't do well on the mean streets of San Francisco.”

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