Super Bowl Sunday at Bloodhound: Eat Spit-Roasted Hog

Somewhere along the streets of Pigtown, perhaps at the slovenly post office or the scraps-stocked general store, there is a wanted poster bearing Ryan Farr's face. The guy behind 4505 Meats has made his bones whittling whatever he can off those of pigs, typically plump, happy, heirloom varieties. On Super Bowl Sunday, head to Bloodhound to partake of the game ― and a Farr-style spit-roasted Becker Lane hog. We're hard-pressed to contemplate a superior accompaniment to a Saints victory. Okay, health care reform would be cool, too ― especially with all this pork flying around.

Event details:

Super Bowl Sunday Pig Roast with Ryan Farr

Date: Sunday, Feb. 7; doors open at 2 p.m.

Location: Bloodhound, 1145 Folsom (at Seventh St.), 863-2840

Cost: To be determined, based in part on how many people show; drink specials all day

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