Tasting Blind: Our Panel Rates Summer Beers

For this month's blind beer-tasting, rather than focus on a specific style, and since we just celebrated the solstice with on-again, off-again warm weather, we lined up a mixed six-pack of seasonal summer beers. Here's how the Brewers Association's CraftBeer.com site defines this midyear category: “Though not a defined style, these are seasonal beers brewed for enjoyment in the warm weather months.”

Panelists included this blogger; Pete Slosberg, founder and former owner of Pete's Wicked Ales; Celia Sack, proprietor of foodie bookstore-for-all-seasons Omnivore Books; and a couple of her summery friends, Rikke Cox and Alexis. The summer beers sampled came in 12-ounce bottles, available for $2 or less, and were scored on a scale of 1-10, based purely hedonistically. They're listed here in descending order of overall preference. Eager to see who won? All is revealed after the jump.

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