TCHO and Cuervo Pair Up to Get You Chocolate-Wasted

In time for Valentine’s Day and the accelerated crumbling of the United States, TCHO and Jose Cuervo have teamed up to create a confection that delivers two very needed comforts in one delicious package.

The Bay Area chocolatier once occupied the waterside with a shop on Pier 17, but TCHO now operates out of Berkeley, with a small added storefront in the Westfield Centre near Powell BART. However, the shuffling of operating locations hasn’t stopped Brad Kintzer, TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker, from putting his scientific mind towards innovation, which is why chocolate infused with tequila is now available.

In teaming up with Jose Cuervo, TCHO has brought two classic Mexican ingredients together, perhaps in a decadent defiance of the powers that be — but more likely because they pair surprisingly well.

A glamorous event held at Bourbon & Branch launched the limited-edition, tequila-infused chocolate into the marketplace, solidifying the Bay Area influence. Over the course of the night, I had the opportunity to taste the new craft product — but only after trying un-soaked chocolate nibs and samples of Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia separately, while learning about how they went about creating this new treat.

Kintzer spent four months soaking organic cacao nibs in the tequila, which resulted in a dark chocolate with hints of toasted agave. The tequila flavor was extremely subtle, and cut into what I consider to be dark chocolate’s harsh flavor, smoothing it out into something that even those (like me) who prefer milk chocolate would enjoy.

The TCHO x Reserva de la Familia dark chocolate 12-piece box sets are available for sale for a limited time for $19.99 online at and at the TCHO kiosk at the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

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