The 8 Sexiest Men on TV Cooking Shows

Producers of food TV don't just care if a guy can cook ― most stars of cooking shows these days have to be hot enough to make viewers' plasmas sweat. Behold, SFoodie's countdown of the eight sexiest male chefs currently taking up space on our DVRs, dudes with the power to sear our tenderloins with little more than a long, slow look into the camera. (Note to straight men and queer or bicurious women: Relax ― we'll be bringing you their estrogen-pumped counterparts in a future post.)

8. Ludo Lefebvre

He has tattoos, a hot French accent, and millions of men and women dying to taste his pop-up. Chef Ludo is the complete package, and he has a girl ― top lawyer, Apprentice contestant, and Playmate ― who'd make any straight guy green with envy. This L.A. power couple accept reservations on Twitter, and are taking pop-up phenomenon LudoBites around the country for a show called Ludo Bites America, debuting on the Sundance Channel this summer. Need a piece of this hot chef right now? Head to Bravo for Top Chef Masters reruns.

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