The Angry Inch Macarons at Tout Sweet Pâtiserrie Are a Must

Some product tie-ins are better than others (I’m old enough to dimly remember the Mr. T cereal, about which the less said, the better). But Tout Sweet Pâtiserrie’s Angry Inch macarons are pretty ingenious. It’s not because the bourbon-orange marmalade ganache has anything to do with Neil Patrick Harris or the brandied cherry center pertains to Hedwig in any way. They’re just delicious.

[jump] Macarons are not always my favorite thing, as they tend to be precious little bijoux that sometimes think they’re getting away with something by smuggling in almond extract. (We can tell, dammit!) None of that here; the texture is perfect, without a hint of gumminess, and while the marmalade flavor is pronounced, you can distinctly taste the orange zest and the bourbon both. Plus they’re beautiful to look at (and Chef Yigit Pura is only making 50 per day.)

They’re $2 each or $35 for a box of 14 that can be shipped or bought in-house, and by the way, Pura’s cookbook, Sweet Alchemy, is coming out next week, too. Although I managed to eat an Angry Inch macaron without getting edible glitter all over myself, Tout Sweet’s two front-of-house employees agreed, “They make your mouth pretty!” You might even feel like putting on some Lavern Baker and pulling the wig down from the shelf.

Tout Sweet Pâtiserrie, on the third floor of Macy’s, 170 O’Farrell.

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