The Artisan Cheese Ball: Now at Rainbow Grocery

Every fall, SFoodie's mother used to stock up on pecan-and-parsley-covered cheese balls from a local fundraising drive, which would then emerge from the freezer to appear at card parties and Easter buffets over the course of the year. SFoodie loved them.

When we were speaking to Gordon Edgar, Rainbow Grocery's head cheese buyer, about his favorite new cheeses, he made an offhanded crack about the cheeseballs his counter had introduced last week. The staff have begun mixing cream cheese, herbs, and a few of the cheeses that he'd ordered a little too eagerly — “They're good cheeses,” he insisted, “but they're not selling as quickly we thought.” The first batch had already sold out, and he was scoping out the shelves of his coolers to see what else to throw in. A sweep through the bulk bins suddenly seemed like pressing business.

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