The Beehives Are Leaving Hayes Valley Farm, But You Can Buy Honey Before They Go

The bees of Hayes Valley Farm have had it rough. In 2010, the first colonies to settle in at the urban farm were slaughtered by a malicious neighbor. Early this year, Karen Peteros of SF Bee-Cause and her crew installed new hives — triple the number of the last bunch — and began teaching some of the only hands-on beekeeping classes in the city. But the parcel of land that houses the hives is now going to be developed, so the bees must move again — this time, off the farm.

Before being evicted, the bees have given SF Bee-Cause a good harvest of honey, Peteros reports. On Sunday, December 18, from noon to 4 p.m., the nonprofit will be at the farm (Laguna beween Oak and Fell), selling its first and last batch of Hayes Valley honey. The price is $10 for a half-pound jar — a little pricier than at a farmers market, perhaps, but the sale is a fundraiser for the organization's future plans. Those of you who live in Hayes Valley should know: It's also some of the only ultra-local honey you'll be able to buy.

And those plans? “We are currently seeking a new site, on private or public land, where we can have approx 10 colonies and give classes,” Peteros writes. If you have a more permanent spot where the hives can park, contact her through the SF Bee-Case website.

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