The BrokeAss Gourmet's Grocery Shopping Tips

On Friday we met the BrokeAss Gourmet Chef, Gabi Moskowitz. This woman might be more obsessed with food than we are– remember when she said she would bathe in peanut sauce if she could? 
After we rabbit-holed through her website and stumbled upon recipes like Curried Pumpkin Pizza and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Sambal Cheese Sauce, we were a little skeptical of our ability to cook these meals for less than $20. 

How can this Mission-living, kindergarten-teacher-turned-caterer-turned-food-author afford cooking gourmet at home? She gave SFoodie all of her grocery shopping secrets:

Moskowitz's number one grocery shopping tip: Shop like a European. Aim to buy what you need in the next few days. When things go bad you are dumping cash into the compost bin.

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