The Corner Announces February Pop-Up Schedule

Even as local ur-pop-up Mission Street Food is headed for print immortality, San Francisco finds itself overcome by a new wave of temporary eateries. Today The Corner announced its February schedule of weekly kitchen residents. Back in December, Corner co-owner Philip Bellber told SFoodie that the Mission Street restaurant had long been struggling to find its identity, and ― inspired by the memory of the lines for Mission Street Food at nearby Lung Shan ― decided to try making The Corner a venue for pop-ups. Here's how the schedule looks this month (it's complicated, so pay attention):

Mon.: GraffEATs (Feb. 14)

Tue.: Parada 22

Wed.: Sushi Somewhere

Thu.: Ken Ken Ramen

Fri.: Radio Africa Kitchen (Feb. 11 and 25); EAT (Feb. 18)

Sat.: CatHead's BBQ

Sun: GraffEATs (Feb. 27)

The Corner: 2199 Mission (at 18th St.), 875-9258.

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