The Defeat of Mickey D's, Caffeine Jitters, and Duck Eggs: This Week in Food Bloggery

Highlights from SFoodie this week:

1. W. Blake Gray checks out Le Cordon Bleu, which claims to be San Francisco's first Vietnamese restaurant (opened in 1968). It's now owned by a Chinese-American woman who's never been to Vietnam, but Gray says the meat sauce is still is good as ever.

2. Ben Narasin likes to use the duck eggs he buys from the Alemany Farmers' Market for waffles and omelets, but if you're going to go all duck for your baking needs, a conversion chart may be needed.

3. W. Blake Gray declares McDonald's decision to healthy up its Happy Meals as a victory for San Francisco and our meddling progressives. Supervisor Eric Mar, who pushed for the original Happy Meal ban, must be an awfully hard man to live with right now.

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