The Galley to Start Serving Food at Mission Pub Clooney's

Two pro-kitchen newbies are taking over food service at the Mission's proto-Irish bar Clooney's, dubbing themselves The Galley. Business partners Justin Navarro and Kevin Morin took over the Clooney's kitchen at the beginning of January, and have been doing construction in the space. “We've been taking down shelves, reorganizing things, and doing cleaning,” Navarro tells SFoodie. “Lots and lots of cleaning.”

Taking over the kitchen? Like SFoodie, you may have been clueless that Clooney's even had one. “Calling it 'underused' is an understatement,” Navarro tells SFoodie. Clooney's owner Dan Lyons told Navarro and Morin they could do pretty much whatever they wanted in the kitchen. They've tried to make it as functional as a ship's galley, which, of course, inspired the name.

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