The Haight Gets Its Own Potato Chip, Complete with Chesty Hippie Chick

Venice, Calif.-based Rock-n-Roll Gourmet has introduced a new line of baked potato snacks under the Hippie Chips banner, paying tribute to the epicenter of the Summer of Love with a flavor callled Haight-Ashberry Jalapeño. With investors that reportedly include the founder of Patrón, Rock-n-Roll Gourmet and Hippie Chips might be poised to reach a wide audience, despite the cringe-worthy packaging emblazoned with a peace-lovin' blonde exclaiming, “They're awesome!” (Because people in the sixties said awesome all the time, apparently.)

A zesty combo of fruit juice concentrate and jalapeño spice, they're pretty good if you like baked potato chips. But they simply might not be worth the embarrassment of buying 'em.

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