The Hunger Challenge: Does It Really Mimic Food-Stamp Living?

This week, San Franciscans such as Cooking with Amy's Amy Sherman and SFist editor Brock Keeling are taking the Hunger Challenge, an annual consciousness-raising event organized by the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks. During the week of September 11-17, they're eating on $4.72 per person per day — the food budget that California gives food-stamp recipients.

SFoodie used to roll our eyes at consciousness-raising stunts like the homelessness awareness night at our liberal arts college, when a bunch of well-fed 20-year-olds slept on cardboard boxes in the quad, waking up awfully late so that everyone could see them struggling in the morning.

But blogs and Facebook have a way of changing the dynamic of something like the Hunger Challenge — they help transform a personal experience into a shared one. So Sherman, in addition to describing her ultra-cheap kebabs, writes about the ignorance in ecofoodie circles about the existence of hunger in San Francisco. And SFoodie can't wait to read Keeling's account, well, because of this.

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