The Lines at Ike's and Bi-Rite Are So Annoying They Make National News

The New York Times posted an article this morning on the effect Ike's Place and Bi-Rite Creamery are having on their neighborhoods ― more specifically, how much the neighborhood grouses about the crowds the two small stores draw. To appease nearby homeowners and renters, the Castro sandwich shop now closes at 7 p.m. while the Mission ice cream store is currently expanding to create some sit-down space for customers.

The Ike's line is a phenomenon. And as yesterday reaffirmed, we're not in love with lines. But we find the article's conclusion that Yelp has created the maelstorm of attention a little suspect. After all, San Francisco restaurants like Boogaloo's, the Pork Store, Tartine, and Ton Kiang ― hunh, brunch seems particularly line-worthy ― have been famous for the crowd clouds outside since the dinosaur age, or at least the days when word of mouth was analog.

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