The Melt: Meet Jonathan Kaplan's Futuristic Grilled Cheese Chain

Even though we're tired of the “There's an app for that” catchphrase, SFoodie's ears still perked up when we heard about an app that allows us to order grilled cheese sandwiches. What can we say? We write a food blog for a reason.

The person who brings us this magical grilled cheese app/restaurant is Jonathan Kaplan. The founder of the now discontinued Flip cam is getting out of the minicam business and into the restaurant business. But, like most tech bros, he plans to incorporate his love of technology into his next phase. How so? Well, he's opening the first of his fast and casual chain restaurants — The Melt — here in San Francisco.

Secondly, this new dining concept features innovations in cooking and speedy ordering. Customers will order and pay in the Melt's app and then head to the actual restaurant, when an employee will scan their phones and hand over the grub. The actual cooking doesn't happen until the phone is scanned, so food is always piping hot. Plus, it only takes a minute to cook. How is that possible? The secret is a custom machine that incorporates the functions of two induction burners, a microwave oven, and silpats to make the perfect grilled cheese in minutes. Crazy!

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