The Most Elaborate Gingerbread Houses in the U.S.

Gingerbread houses are good for two things: eating and ogling.  And while it's fun to get a sugar rush from sloppy homemade concoctions, some gingerbread houses are just too beautiful

― or too weird ― to eat. Allow us to present some of the most ogle-worthy gingerbread houses out there. Try not to eat through your computer monitor.

8. Earthship Lollipop

This ultra-green gingerbread house, designed by Khai Foo and Elise Young, has rammed-icing walls, a gum-paste roof membrane, sugar solar panels, and edible windmills. According to its designers, the Earthship Lollipop is the first LEAD (Leadership in Edible Architectural Design) gingerbread house. And this tongue-in-cheek example of green architecture can be yours ― if you're willing to pay more than the current highest bid of $50.99

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