The New Restaurant Week List Just Dropped

The 2020 iteration of San Francisco’s Restaurant Week is a ten day foodie celebration.

Restaurant Week is back. For 10 glorious days from Jan. 22 to Jan. 31, Bay Area foodies can rejoice in three-dollar sign menus at two-dollar sign prices.

Here’s how Restaurant Week works: There are two lunch and two dinner prix-fixe menu options from over a hundred restaurants. Lunch costs either $15.15 or $25.25, and is generally two or more courses. Dinner costs either $40.40 or $65.65, and is generally three or more courses. Restaurants generally give you a few options of their best selections.

This year, SF Restaurant Week alums like Bluestem Brasserie and One Market return in addition to some new arrivals, like Trick Dog, In Situ, and Palette. Other restaurants included are: El Techo (a classic go-to rooftop bar); E&O Kitchen and Bar (an Asian fusion restaurant with amazing cocktails); M.Y. China (a creation of chef Martin Yan, the restaurant is currently under executive chef Tony Wu’s command); and more. You can find the entire list — and menus — here.

While there’s definitely no shortage of good food on this list, we’re throwing out a few recommendations for the indecisive eater: Try the roasted broccoli and mushrooms from Bluestem Brasserie’s dinner menu — the sauce it sits upon is decadent without being overwhelming; if you can’t make it to Bluestem Brasserie for dinner, their brasserie burger is a dream to eat for lunch, thick with brie, grass-fed beef, and tarragon aioli; Prubechu’, the Guamanian/Chamorro restaurant that made its highly anticipated return recently, is serving up salad in toasted sesame dressing, kadu, and coconut candy ice cream; E&O is offering a sake poached pear salad, yogurt ginger panna cotta, and mapo tofu.

But of course, this is just a tiny, tiny selection of over a hundred menus, some of which are still being added. Who are we to choose for you?


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