The PB&J from Courtney's Produce

Friday, October 29, 2010

Outside, Courtney's looks like central casting's dream for the part of quintessential neighborhood market. Signs for fresh-picked produce hang over lime green shelves lined with cardboard bins of apples, pears, and bananas. Just inside, the dream doesn't die. Notice the tray of unadvertised Saran-Wrapped treasures, Courtney's buck-fifty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Well, half sandwiches, but for $1.50, who's quibbling? Two thick slices of Semifreddi's cinnamon challah encase a spread of creamy peanut butter, a liberal swab of raspberry jelly, and three strawberry halves that lend snap to each bite. The sweet, eggy challah paired with even sweeter jelly makes this more dessert-like than most PB&Js, though we often eat one for breakfast, at our desk. Use Courtney's green-zone parking and you can be out in under a minute (seriously, we've timed it), though, enticing as a Courtney's sandwich may be, do not attempt to scarf one while driving. Without two hands applying strategic pressure points, you risk squirts of jelly to your face, shirt, or lap. Chances are you'll show up at work looking like a preschooler left alone with a pink marker. Not that this has ever happened to us.

Courtney's Produce: 101 Castro (at 14th St.), 626-1850.

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