The Poongaloong Challenge, Mood Food, Super Duper and Pearl's Deluxe Bring More Burgers

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Yesterday Jonathan Kauffman shared Ed Lee's Poongaloong recipe – just as appetizing as it sounds. The Lee-created casserole anchored by hamburger meat, macaroni, and half-bottle of ketchup, didn't entice Kauffman to bring a batch to Bingo night, but he gave the assignment to SFoodie readers, and one, a Chowhounder named Melanie, answered the call.

In a series of tweets she detailed the cooking process, from pan-searing corn in bacon fat to adding the ketchup. And while we have a a hard time imagining a pyrex dish full of Poongaloong sitting in front of smiling faces, we'll admit we may have judged the dish too soon. “Thanks @jonkauffman for weird poongaloong story and inspiration. Can't figure out that name. Mom asked for leftover for lunch, but all gone.” Who knew?

We've never been keen on the little mood food rhyme, such as Arby's odd “Good Mood Food” slogan, but we digress. Mood Thai Sushi and More, the Fisherman's Wharf combo restaurant looks to be slated for a shutter, according to Grub Street. The new owners are currently waiting on a liquor license.

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